Wrong Diagnosis

Elizabeth NJ Medical Malpractice Lawyers

The attorneys at Rinaldo Law Group are experienced in working on cases in which patients were told they have a disease or disorder that they actually did not. Physicians can be held liable for misdiagnoses because they can result in unnecessary emotional distress or pain, the administration of the wrong medication, further pain or suffering that could have been prevented, or even death. Wrong diagnoses often occur with rare diseases, with diseases that have general symptoms common to several ailments, or diseases that may not have significant physical symptoms at all.

Of the more serious health conditions, the following are often involved in diagnostic errors:
– cancers: breast, prostate, cervical, ovarian, testicular, and lung
– tuberculosis
– diabetes
– heart attack
– strokes
– pulmonary embolism
– bacterial meningitis
– appendicitis

If you feel you or a family member was misdiagnosed, contact us to have your case reviewed and evaluated.