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“We had a serious traffic accident in June 2016 while visiting New Jersey. The young lady who hit us was completely at fault, yet her insurance company repeatedly refused to contact us or return our multiple attempts to contact them. Our principal insurance company also had difficulty getting a response from them. After 6 months of intransigence, we felt it necessary to hire a lawyer in New Jersey to get at least some compensation for our extra expenses. Richard Rinaldo achieved a very successful settlement which is 10 times greater than we were hoping. We never could have received that settlement without him. We strongly recommend Richard Rinaldo for any legal issues.”

– William Shineman

New Jersey Personal Injury Results

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Recent Results On Behalf Of Clients Sufferings From Accident Injuries In New Jersey And New York


Construction Site Accident – significant Spinal Cord Injuries


Medical Malpractice – laceration of Bile during gallbladder surgery


Products Liability – improper installation of a steam boiler without proper safety valves and discharge piping resulting in multiple burns and lacerations


Neck Injury – One-level Cervical Micro Discectomy and Shoulder Arthroscopy, plaintiff was hit by a commercial vehicle


Medical Malpractice – Infant sustained Erbs’ Palsy as a result of a traumatic birth


Fall down an elevator shaft due to defective hallway doors resulting in multiple fractures of his right arm and shoulder


Products Liability – Motorcycle Accident Resulting in Broken Leg


Lower back and knee injuries – One-level Lumbar Micro Discectomy, Arthroscopic knee surgery with excision of the medial plica


Motor vehicle accident resulting in multiple neck and back injuries


Motor vehicle accident which aggravated pre-existing lower back injuries and resulted in a lumbar fusion


Lumbar Discectomy following conservative medical treatment


Lumbar Fusion following multiple automobile accidents


Employment Disability Discrimination – gross settlement award including back pay and benefits


Leg Injury – Slip and Fall resulting in displaced patella fracture with implementation of hardware that had to be removed due to pain and discomfort following six months of physical therapy treatment


Client Stuck by commercial truck resulting in the need for a Cervical Fusion


Toxic Exposure causing respiratory problems


Medical Malpractice – Improper administration of arthritis medication


Fall Down Broken Leg due to maintenance of public Basketball court


Lower back and inner ear injury – Multiple Lumbar Herniations without surgical intervention and conservative treatment, Labyrinthine Dysfunction, Tinnitus and Headache disorder due to Motor Vehicle Collision


Neck Injury – Cervical disc fusion following motor vehicle accident, exhausting responsible parties insurance policy coverage limits


Employment – Political Affiliation Discrimination


Fall Down resulting in knee fracture due to poor maintenance of curbing


Rear End Collision causing Lower back injuries resulting in Discectomy of Lumbar back


Employment – Failure to hire due to Religious discrimination


Low impact rear-end collisions causing shoulder injuries and the need for Shoulder Arthroscopy surgery

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