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“We had a serious traffic accident in June 2016 while visiting New Jersey. The young lady who hit us was completely at fault, yet her insurance company repeatedly refused to contact us or return our multiple attempts to contact them. Our principal insurance company also had difficulty getting a response from them. After 6 months of intransigence, we felt it necessary to hire a lawyer in New Jersey to get at least some compensation for our extra expenses. Richard Rinaldo achieved a very successful settlement which is 10 times greater than we were hoping. We never could have received that settlement without him. We strongly recommend Richard Rinaldo for any legal issues.”

– William Shineman

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers In New Jersey

Accidents involving cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses are unfortunately very common, especially in such populated places like New Jersey. The lawyers at the Rinaldo Law Group are familiar with motor vehicle accident cases and have demonstrated success in helping clients receive the compensation they deserve.

The causes of motor vehicle accidents can sometimes be unavoidable, but in most cases, these accidents could have been prevented, if it were not for another driver’s negligence. In addition, vehicle manufacturers or service facilities can be held liable for defective products or negligence, as well as state, county, and local municipalities for failing to ensure safe road conditions and traffic signals.

It is important to consult with an experienced New Jersey motor vehicle accident lawyer if you have been involved in an accident. The attorneys at Rinaldo Law Group, LLC will review your case thoroughly and with care in order to account for all of the relevant facts of your case and help you reach the most beneficial outcome. To schedule a consultation, please call 1-833-RINALDO or fill out our contact form.

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